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Have will also be used to say that somebody arranges for something for being completed. When have is made use of such as this, it is accompanied by a noun phrase and an -ed participle.

I've had it up to below with his nonsense → estoy hasta la coronilla or hasta el moño de sus tonterías

When flipped, it could both crush him or break all his bones. But Batman secretly stole his trademark coin and use the jagged edge to chop through the ropes and absolutely free him, capturing Two-Experience and his gang. When Poison Ivy asked him what happened to it, he instructed her that " they Allow him keep it".

Activity, boast, element - don or Display screen within an ostentatious or very pleased method; "she was sporting a completely new hat"

He captures them and deduces their magic formula identities (as Bruce was an in depth Buddy of Harvey's) and leaves them to the other villains just before traveling during the sky With all the evil extraction to turn The entire town into Two-Faces. Batman and Robin at some point halt him and Harvey manages to battle from the evil within him to become himself again. Resulting from repressing Two-Confront, Harvey does not keep in mind Batman's magic formula identity months later on.[74]

provide - induce or persuade; "The confession of one of several accused introduced the Other folks to confess to your crime in addition"

Harvey Dent's legacy plays a very important role at the hours of darkness Knight Rises. Set eight a long time afterwards, the film reveals the "Dent Act" legislation has all but eradicated check here Gotham's structured criminal offense. Plagued with guilt, Commissioner Gordon considers publicly revealing the reality about Dent's killing spree, but decides that Gotham is not Completely ready.[70] Having said that, his choice backfires when Bane acquires Gordon's speech concerning the protect-up of Dent's crimes, and reads it on Reside television to undermine confidence during the legal system and throw Gotham's social purchase into chaos.

rack up, score, tally, hit - gain details in the video game; "The house staff scored often times"; "He strike a home run"; "He strike .three hundred prior to now year"

The MS13’s principal routines change an excellent offer from a person region to a different. In Central The us, in which the gang’s reach and sizing (relative to Over-all proportions) is most significant, the MS13’s operations are more diversified. This involves extortion, kidnapping and controlling the community unlawful drug marketplace.

read through, say - have or comprise a specific wording or sort; "The passage reads as follows"; "Exactly what does the legislation say?"

Figures vary, nevertheless the US Southern Command states you will discover as numerous as 70,000 gang members inside the Northern Triangle. The proliferation of gangs has accompanied an increase in murder prices.

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By 2016 and in the midst of record amounts of violence, the government launched a series of “incredible steps” to aggressively crack down around the MS13 and also the region’s other gangs. The MS13 now finds by itself locked in what resembles a very low-depth war with authorities security forces, however the gangs have sustained the majority of casualties.

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